Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

For our third wedding anniversary, my amazing husband surprised me with art: one of two pieces we had picked out by a local artist [Kirk Popik] a few months back, and decided we would save up for and purchase as mutual Christmas/etc gifts for [an undesignated length of time].

The art pieces are boards of wood with minimal painting, emphasizing the grain in the wood - creating a landscape.

The gold flecks are not painted on ... it's in the wood.
This surprise had even more kick, in that the other piece we had picked out -- one that I strongly connected with as the landscape really reminded me of my home in Saskatchewan ... was handed to me by Justin&Maklin a few days ago on Valentine's Day.

We haven't decided if we will hang this one as is, or frame it, yet.

A closer view ...
I am truly thankful to have found a partner who loves me as much as J does.  Showing we care is really all about the 'little things.'  This was a big little thing.  Thank-you J - I love you too.

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