Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today, my little man is exactly 20 months old.  He's not a baby ... he's a toddler; a kid.  A few days ago I had the unfortunate experience of having to give him the heimlich.  I was momentarily paralyzed: not because he was chocking, but because I suddenly realized I didn't know if I should be laying him over my arm and giving him sharp whacks between the shoulder blades (baby) or doing the heimlich (kid).  Quickly decided heimlich as he was in a good position; thankfully it only took one thrust -- all is well!  The experience  solidified for me beyond a doubt that he is now a kid, and no longer a wee babe.

Now he's sleeping peacefully (I'm sure growing!) - and I can pretend for the briefest moment that he's still a baby.

Today Baby K2 is exactly 23 weeks. Last night for the first time I felt extensive activity!  I've been feeling baby movement for well over a month now, but just little flits.  Last night, almost an hour straight of acrobatics - fun and yet still weird/bizarre.  Another life doing its thing in there ...

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