Monday, May 14, 2012

camping trial run

First time out camping with the new trailer.

First time out camping with two kids.

And unfortunately ... first time camping with a toddler with a fever!

Thankfully, we were camping in the Devon Lions Park, so it took us ~10 minutes to get from our house to our campsite.  :)

Anita -- we had a great time!  Thanks for putting up with scheduling around naptimes, nursing times, snack times, etc.  I'm not sure we would have faired so well with only the two us parenting!  :)

A highlight for Maklin was going for a bike ride with Anita.  They went for a long one:

heading out.

getting tired on the way back -- had to walk the bikes.

tuckered.  Mak could barely walk; Anita pushed both bikes home.

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