Saturday, July 14, 2012

cabooga 13

On the way home from Saskatchewan, we camped the night at Aspen Crossing.   It's not exactly a small family oriented campground, but the whole place is about trains - so we thought Mak would still enjoy it.  Yup!

Mak loved looking at all the old farm equipment they had around, plus all the trains and train paraphernalia.  He even picked out a blue & silver crushed velour train Christmas ornament as a keepsake.  There are a few old cabooses done up as guest suites where you can stay (cool idea - they do this at Footloose Caboose near Tofield as well).  Anyway, Mak insists that it's not 'caboose'; it's 'cabooga.'  uh-huh.

The best part about the stay?  Mak got to ride his bike all over the place, and Mae loved riding in the backpack.

The worst part about the stay?  For some strange reason, bedtime took several hours and was all-consuming.  So much for having tea & dessert, watching the sunset, playing a game, and/or talking after the kids were in bed.  It was past our bedtime by the time they were asleep.  I'm not exactly superstitious; but we were at campsite #13 ... on Friday the 13th.  Just sayin' ...

We stopped at the visitor information centre in Red Deer for lunch (a great advantage of pulling your own kitchen with you!) and blew off some stink at the playground.  Justin and Mak saw a swarm of literally thousands of dragonflies.  When I got to the playground ... there were only a handful.

I snapped a lot of pictures trying to get a good dragonfly shot.  This was the best I did.

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