Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taiko Dojo

"Dates" have been few and far between for Justin and I this past year ... not that we're complaining.  Today, we left Maki with Gramma & Grampa (he had a blast of course!) and went to a Japanese Drumming Workshop facilitated by members of Kita No Taiko.  So. Much. Fun.

We are by no means experts after three hours, but we did successfully learn to play a few songs!  It was inspiring and rejuvenating ... we literally felt the music.  We will most definitely have sore aching muscles in our arms tomorrow as a reminder of how much fun we had (I also have blisters on my hands!).

[Mei-chan, we have much respect for you little one! Drumming is hard work!]

We finished the afternoon with a delicious supper at one of our favorite restaurants: Mikado.  Yum.


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