Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mack-Bug 2.0

Alright ... we travelled for Christmas, came back to the hectic race that is January ... and then our house was ravished by (what we are calling) Mack-bug 2.0.

Maklin was sick.
I was sick.
Justin was sick.
Our Mac computer ... very sick.  The hard drive crashed.  (many thanks for our decision about a year ago to get a Time Machine to back everything up!)

Mack-bug 2.0.  Nasty.  Still dregs of it hanging around slowing us down.

But our computer is functional again ... I've added a number of posts from Christmas through to now.  Besides Mack-bug 2.0, a lot has been going on.  The posts basically talk about Maklin ... for the rest of us, Justin took a weekend training to start the process of getting his Level I Volleyball Coaching Certificate, and I have continued to take Taiko Drumming workshops.

Enjoy catching up!

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