Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ivan and Sadie joined my family in University.  My roommates were on board with me getting a kitten, so we went to a few pet stores, the SPCA ... and somehow we ended up coming home with two teeny-tiny little balls of fur: brother and sister that we just couldn't separate.  Turns out they were only 4 weeks old ... I was syringe feeding them during the night.

Many years later, a multitude of health and mental health issues reached a peak.  We could no longer provide the care they needed, and the environment was much less than ideal for Maklin.
 The last year was a battle of ambivalence ... we finally had to make the decision to put them both down.  One of the hardest decisions (and days) of my life.

The other day Maklin and I were looking at pictures in iPhoto ... we watched a slide show of Ivan & Sadie pictures, and he was SO excited.  It was a bittersweet moment for me.  He LOVES animals, and is very comfortable around them.  Although they were only part of his life for a short time, I can only assume that their presence strongly influenced this.  One more experience with them I can be grateful for.

We love you furrr-babies, and think of you often.

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