Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking AND Talking!!

Maklin took his time getting his feet under him, although once he decided to walk, he was off!  Within a few weeks he went from tentative steps, to speeding down the sidewalk.  Now he's running, side-shuffling, backwards walking, and walking up and down small steps without holding on.

Talking - a similar story.  My paranoid pediatrician was trying to turn me into a paranoid mother.  At 16+ months, Maklin babbled and showed excellent language comprehension ... but still didn't say any actual words (at least not with intention).  Suddenly, the switch was flipped.

Mama and Dadda all of a sudden were very intentional, and animals quickly became the theme of his new word acquisition.  Within a few days he was saying:

  • 'bird'
  • 'geese' (yes -- he shows clear distinction between Canadian Geese and any other bird)
  • 'turtle'
  • sheep say 'baaaa'
  • fish say [insert fishy lips kissy noise here]
and so on ...

Also, you may or may not know that I practiced sign language with Maklin very consistently for quite some time, and eventually gave up.  He wasn't showing any interest, and just laughed at me when I signed.  All of a sudden, as he's starting to try and say words, he started signing as well ... signs I hadn't shown him in months like 'all done' and 'milk'.

Turns out Maklin is a private learner, just like both of his parents.  He just wasn't going to start talking until he felt like he had a good grasp on things ... then jumps in with both feet.

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