Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Events

Last minute, we decided to make the road trip to Shaunavon to surprise my family for Easter.  We had a great time visiting ... and eating.  It was the first time our entire family (Grandparents down) on my Dad's side had been all together in several years!  :)

We also spent a lot of time on the farm with the animals ... Maklin was in heaven!!

Yes -- that is a dog bigger than the lamb!

As the drive is 9 hours, we split it up both directions.  Happy baby = happy parents.  This meant that the drive home was going to be jumping in the car directly after eating Easter dinner on Sunday and making our way to Strathmore (halfway home).  Unfortunately, mid-afternoon Sunday, Maklin got the flu.  He was acting a bit off, and crawled up into my lap with a book.  I just finished saying that I thought he felt quite warm, when he puked all over me.  SO very thankful that I was past the worst of my morning sickness, or I might have thrown up on him in response!

Of course we're in small town Saskatchewan on Easter Sunday ... which means we have no way of getting any Infant Tylenol (apparently you do need to pack EVERYTHING just in case ...).  Big thanks to cousin Linda a few doors down who had one dose left and was glad to share!

We did head out, making it to Medicine Hat where we stopped to buy more Tylenol.  While I was in the store, Maklin threw up all over himself and his car seat.  I came out to find Justin changing Maklin on the tailgate of the truck.  I turned around and headed back into the store for cleaning supplies!  One hour later we're cleaned up, settled, and back on the road.  No pictures ... although I wish I would have taken one of him all bundled up in his jammies wrapped in a blanket and sitting in the back seat while we cleaned up his carseat.  He was SO tired and sad ... how is it possible that he could look SO sweet and adorable at the same time???

Thankfully, we made it to Strathmore with no more issues, and managed to get Maklin down for the night.  His fever broke by morning ... but he was still sick for a few more days.

Poor little man!

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