Friday, August 5, 2011

The Landing

Justin tends to get twitchy whenever we drive East.  Seeing as we were making a Saskatchewan round-trip, I wanted to do my best to show him some Saskatchewan highlights that would make him lighten up a little.

Obviously the mosquito situation was not working in my favor ...

Next stop:  The Landing.

The weather was amazing, and the campground was busy, but not overcrowded.  We easily settled into our campsite and had plenty of time for exploring.  The walk around made us realize that our campsite was a lovely little piece of desert in the middle of an oasis!!  Crap.  We didn't spend much time just sitting at our campsite, so no worries!

Maklin chowing on supper -- camping style!
Thankfully, Justin had a great first impression anyway ... I got everything organized in the trailer and supper sorted out while J took Mak on a tour to the closest playground.  The first thing he said when he came back was, "everyone's so friendly here!"  Parents looking out for all kids, people offering to share toys, everyone nods, smiles and says hello ..."  Well done Saskatchewan!!!

First thing in the morning (remember, this means first thing in the morning toddler time!) we got ready to head to the beach ... it was supposed to be a scorcher of a day.  We had breakfast, tootled around, and still ended up being at the beach all set up by 9am.  We had to carefully pick our way from the parking lot to the beach front cuz all the sprinklers were still on!!  And we were THE ONLY ONES ON THE ENTIRE BEACH!!  So we played in the water, and the sand, and at the playground without having to worry about anyone else for a few hours ... folks started to show up shortly before noon, just when we were heading out for nap/lunch time.

The 2nd morning, we laid in bed listening to the most amazing thunder I think I've ever heard.  We barely even got a spit of rain, despite the thunder that was literally rocking the trailer.  I've never experienced thunder that loud, or that echoed that much (cool and freaky all at the same time).  Of course ... Maklin sleeps through THIS!

As luck would have it, we were able to fit in a very quick visit with a few of my cousins from Victoria ... who just happened to be a few campsites over!

Thankfully, we did not have to deal with mosquitos for this part of the trip ... just a melting preggo Mama.  I usually love the heat, but 33+ during the third trimester was just too much for me!!

One could interpret this as a conscientious mom supervising her toddler in the water ... or just a pregnant lady soaking her ankles in the cold lake!

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