Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Dadda!

Things have been crazy around here and we don't always take the opportunity to tell Dadda how much we love and appreciate him and all the things (big and little) he does for our family.

After a wonderful Christmas day, rather than packing up the kids and trying to make the bedtime transfer, we stayed overnight at Justin's parents.  Justin got to sleep in in the morning (anyone out there with young children knows just how valuable this is!), then we hung out and had a leisurely breakfast followed by a nice walk in the winter sunshine.

We're going to go shopping together for a dress jacket.  On a similar theme - but with much more sentimental value, his Dad gave him a pair of cufflinks that were his grand-fathers - priceless.  He also got a leather-bound photo album with pictures of his ancestors.

We don't say it nearly often enough, but it's true:  WE LOVE YOU DADDA!!

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