Sunday, May 27, 2012

"then & now" [Devon Days 2012]

I'm not sure what was more entertaining:  the parade, or Mak's confusion as to why the heck people kept throwing candy from the floats, and even more so, why other kids were so excited to pick it up.  Mak scrunches up his face and says, "I don't like candy!" if you mention it.  This was in no way fed ... other than that we never really give him candy.  He decided this all on his own!  He did take something away though ... after watching the cheerleaders he quickly adopted, "Go [Mama], Go [Mama] ... go! go! go [Mama]!" or (my favorite variation), "Go John, Go John ... go! go! go John Deere!"  lol

As for fair rides / games ... not his thing.  He makes his Daddy proud.

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