Sunday, April 22, 2012


Our weekly brunch date with Lulu and Baba was an outdoor extravaganza today.  Sadly, I forgot my camera at home!!!

Maklin played with trucks, puttered in the garden, drove the toy jeep, rode his bike, read stories and napped in the camping trailer, and played in the mud.  He also had his first ride on Baba's John Deer riding lawn mower (I'm sure this will not be the last!!)

Mae was escorted around in the stroller, napped outside, rolled around on the ground, had cuddle time with everyone, napped outside again, and played with her new socks that have bells sewn onto them (she thought they were very cool!).

Mae's big floppy sun hat all flipped up = Pirate Maeyer
We ate outside, had a fire, listened to the frogs, and watched the bunnies.

We talked politics and camping, and celebrated the new babies born this weekend to friends and family.

Then we quickly packed up and headed out the door to attempt to get the kids in bed somewhere near their bedtime, leaving the grandparents to clean up after us (again ... thank-you!!).

All the outside time made today's visit seem especially like it WAS a camping trip.  Normally, it just feels camping-eque due to the amount of stuff we pack into the truck and then cart home with us at the end of the day.

It was a good day.  A great day.  :)

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