Monday, April 23, 2012


Little Maisy is 6 months old!  She's a very strong, and very happy girl.  Girl.  Not a wee babe.  Here's a quick recap of how she's changed:

And of course, Maeyer being 6 months old, means Maklin is 2 1/2!  

My little boy is very language oriented.  He is speaking well in long sentences; can follow a series of 3-4 instructions given at once (often even if they're unrelated); knows all the letters: including their order, matching uppercase and lowercase, the sounds they make, identifying what letter a word starts with by the sound, and is learning to sound out simple 3-4 letter words.  

We're still working on potty training.  He's a very sensitive little boy; accidents seem to be directly related to stress (and he sometimes gets stressed pretty easily - mostly related to the little girl of which the first half of this post recognize).  In the meantime - patience, patience, patience!!!

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