Sunday, October 23, 2011

birthday boy!

We didn't have a birthday 'party' for Maklin per se.  We didn't know what our world would look like at this time with a baby coming.

Maklin was still spoiled and celebrated though!  My baby's TWO!!!  Friends came over a few different nights with gifts; I think Maklin was starting to anticipate getting a present after having his bath!!

Today, we had brunch with Lulu & Bubba, had healthy cake, opened presents, and went for a long walk.

Happy Birthday little man ... hard to believe you're two years old!  You amaze us each and every day as your vocabulary grows and as you continue to surprise us and challenge us (and yourself) with your development.  We pledge to do our best to continue to stay ahead of you and provide you with the tools and opportunities to stretch yourself!!  Love you Monkey!!

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