Monday, October 10, 2011


I had a lot to be thankful for this year.

Most especially, my family.  My wee man who is conscientious about saying, 'Tank-U' ... my wonderful husband, and a new babe we're so looking forward to meeting.

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty chill.

We hung out and looked out the window:

We raked leaves:

We PLAYED in the leaves:

We carefully observed the swarms of "itchy-butts" (Maklin's pronunciation of ladybugs) in the leaves:

We had a wonderful thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, topped off with turkey/avocado/cranberry grilled cheese sandwiches around a fire.  The meals were so delicious and enjoyable ... we forgot pictures.

We had an awesome time doing a maternity photo shoot with Niki Vogel -- preview photos coming soon!!!  [Audrey -- you are such a blessing.  Thank-you for this gift!!]

And we cleaned and purged stuff out of our house to make room for a very small baby with a seemingly large amount of stuff!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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