Friday, November 11, 2011

Maklin time

One of the things I was most determined to do once the baby came was make sure that Maklin still had special time with both his Dad and I.  So -- even though I wasn't feeling so much like getting dressed and leaving the house, it was a priority to continue taking Maklin to his extra-curricular activities.

The second day home from the hospital, we went to the Library for Bye Baby Bunting.  We had Daddy home with us for the day, so we went as a family ... since then -- we've been able to go every week, even going early so that Mak and I could read some books at the library and pick out new library books to bring home (later becoming instrumental during nursing!!).

When Mae was 4 days old, we went to a Halloween Party.  Mak refused to wear his Halloween costume, but he still had fun playing with his friends.  We all had a big nap that day ... but we did it!  Mak even made it to his gymnastics class that afternoon, thanks to Lulu!!  We've continued to go to gymnastics every week ... so far Mae is content to sleep while Mak and I play for 45 minutes.  And the walk there and home is nice too.

Maklin got a new coloring book and crayons from his baby sister ... quality coloring time, along with playdough time, puzzle time, reading time, finger painting time, washing dishes time, and helping bake time are common stay-at home activities these days!!

One of the best things for Mak and I has been for us to work to get out of the house and go somewhere and/or do something every day though:
Indoor playground fun.

 We've established a routine at bedtime that I think has been nice for Mak ... it's definitely been nice for me.  Justin puts Mak to bed every night, but once he's had stories and is all tucked in, every night he asks for me to come in an sing him a lullaby.  It's our 2 minutes of special time at the end of each day.  I love it.  Sometimes it takes a little coordinating to sneak it in ... but it's so worth it.

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