Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Mae

Miss Maeyer is almost 3 weeks old already!!  SO much has happened in the past three weeks.

I've spent a tremendous amount of time learning every little detail of this adorable face, breathing in the sweet newborn smell, and enjoying the feel of the soft little bundle snuggled into my shoulder.

Week 1:
- Days and nights were switched leading to more awake time in the wee hours than  I would like.  I don't think I slept in my bed for longer than an hour at a time this whole week ... although I did have longer stretches of sleep in random awkward positions on the couch.
- Mae and I worked out the details of nursing relatively easily.
- Maklin, although proud to have a baby sister, was having a hard time adjusting: "whiny" and "defiant" pretty much sum up the Maklin I saw most of this week.  We made a determined effort to make sure Mak was getting special time for him and that we were doing everything we could to find middle ground.
- Unfortunately, there were a few occasions where Mak and I ended up having a cry together.  Him out of frustration with all the changes, me out of frustration with him, and sadness of not being able to make him feel more secure.

Week 2:
 - EASY routine settling in ... Mae is sleeping in longer stretches at night so that we're getting up twice a night to nurse, but she's sleeping in her bassinet and I'm sleeping in my bed!
- She's a very content little girl ... rarely fusses or cries and is very alert during her brief phases of awake time.
- She isn't in love with bath time (yet) - but is learning to tolerate!!
- Maklin is adjusting ... this week there was less crying (on both our parts!).
Love how her hair is all fuzzy after a bath!
Week 3:
- Maeyer is sleeping in 4-5 hours stretches, getting up once in the middle of the night to nurse and then goes right back to sleep!  WOOT!!!
- Maklin and I have had NO crying episodes this week.  We're getting into a routine.  I've figured out a number of things I can do to make him feel more secure and settled ... and he's feeling more comfortable with using his words to tell me he's feeling frustrated and about what.  PROGRESS!!

So alert!

Maklin is learning to be gentle with Mae; he likes to gently stroke her hair.
Doing what she does best ...
Sleep.  Anytime ... anywhere!


  1. Can you please send her here for a cuddle? Thank you.

  2. This is so full of "mommy moments." 10 more weeks for me to go before I get to compare notes to this! :)