Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Baba!

Yes -- this photo is focused on the bouquet of PRUNES!  hahaha
Baba turned the big 6-0 on the 15th.  Tonight we had a party for him.  When we asked him what he wanted to have for his party, he said "mashed potatoes".  Man did we deliver!

The meal mainly consisted of a few different types of mashed potatoes (whipped potatoes, mashed potatoes with kale, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and coconut mashed potatoes) and a ridiculous number of toppings:  chili, cheeses, sauces, gravies, pickes/olives, salsa, nuts, veggies ... we may have over did it a little (and we pared down our list, I swear!).  We also had salads, vegetables, potato buns, and roast beef.

I was heavily involved in the cooking/serving, plus nursing/changing/carrying Maeyer, keeping an eye out for Mak, and well, just enjoying the party!  Which means,  I somewhat shirked my duties of taking pictures (and sadly didn't get any of the potato spread ... it was quite something!)

Dessert was also mashed potato themed:
1) bounty bars (made with mashed potatoes, icing sugar, and coconut)
2) chocolate cake (with mashed potatoes and mashed potato icing)
3) sweet potato cheesecake

Mak helping blow out the candles.

Mae visiting with Auntie Ruth.

Everyone deep in discussion over the "Menno quiz" questions.

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