Monday, February 6, 2012

has spring sprung??

Hard to say whether the birds know something we don't ... or if mother-nature has tricked them!

We have a big backyard with big trees.  Every spring we have a week or two where we can sit and watch the swarms of Cedar Waxwings munch on all the berries (and make a huge mess of the backyard).

This year, the birds came early!  For the past week we've had visits from them - phenomenal sight to see so many birds!  It's a slightly less version of how I picture locusts ... you can actually watch the berries being stripped from the trees.

It's the beginning of Feb, and we were standing out on the deck - dressed like this watching the birds!  (OK - it wasn't quite nice enough for no pants ... but it was ok for a few minutes!  Mak was SO excited!!  He was asserting his belief that all birds say, "chickadee-dee-dee".  :)

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