Saturday, March 31, 2012

girls, girls, girls

It had been way to long ... but this past week we managed to have not one but TWO play-dates with the Millar girls (Mak refers to them as Sara and "the girls").

Yesterday was a play-date was at our place ... we played inside and out and had lunch.  It was outright insanity, but I think everyone had fun.

Today I took Mak & Mae swimming with the Millars.  Also fun, but I'm not up for taking both kids swimming on my own (especially in the middle of potty training) again anytime soon!  My hands were very full for this one, so no pictures.

Mak did manage to have all three girls in his bed with him yesterday, and shower with them today though.  Way to go Mak, you can check "sisters" and "twins" off your bucket list!

surveying the damage

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