Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garrett & Val

Wedding:  Saturday, July 23, 2011  Garrett & Valerie Watson

Weddings ... an opportunity to celebrate loved ones, be reminded of your commitment, and have a good time with old friends!

GP & Val hosted a lovely casual wedding.  They were able to have the ceremony outdoors (despite the weather!).  Supper and the dance were held in a little community hall ... so we just set up a playpen in the basement and put Maklin down after supper.  Easy-peasy ... there were some other kids playing computer games in the basement; they kept an ear out and would come and get us if there were any issues, but Maklin just slept right through the DJ beats and thumping of the dance floor directly above him. Nice work kiddo!
OK - so this isn't the best picture ... we really did have a great time though!  
A cool feature at the wedding:  there was a photo booth set up in the corner where all night people could go and get picture taken for free.  You got a print of each set of photos, and the bride&groom also got a copy.  Cool idea!

The bride and I even got in a few belly shots:

I'm sure Maklin's all for love, and weddings, and all that jazz ... but the true highlight of the evening for him ... BUS!!

Out of town folks were shuttled from the hotel to the reception site in big yellow school buses ... Maklin was SO excited to see them pull into the parking lot.  The bus driver saw him, and invited him into the bus for a tour before he went on his next round (thank-you Mr. Bus Driver Man!!):

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