Monday, July 18, 2011

Mosquito Haven or Mosquito Hell??

Guess it depends on whether you were a mosquito ... or us!

If we removed the mosquitos from the equation -- we had a beautiful camping trip in the mountains!  Perfect weather, hot springs, excellent food, wildlife, 'hiking' (at least the kind of hiking you do with a prego mama and a toddler) ...
these mountain sheep wanted to be fed ... they were practically
digging in my pockets!

not exactly a sandbox ... but it did the trick!
When Maklin and Justin were out exploring in the campground ... they saw a black bear about 50ft away from them.

The outdoor bath never gets old:
Very little water left in the 'tub' by the time he was finished!

This trip marked the beginning of Maklin's mosquito trauma.  Anytime anyone says 'mosquito' he smacks his hands together and says "bad!"

I had to engage in battle with a tenacious squirrel who seemed quite determined to steal our supper.  Perhaps chicken satay and peanut sauce was a poor choice for camping food!!

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