Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunshine Pocket

We went camping this weekend with the Hermansons.

Gail, Caitlyn, and Seth Hermanson
Saturday morning lead to an emergency rescheduling of campsites ... the forecast for our intended destination was LOTS of rain and cold.  Not what you're looking for when you're camping with 5 kids (or really, if you're camping without kids).

We ended up heading further South and escaping the worst of it!  All in all, we had a really fun weekend.  Maklin had a huge nap on the drive home, and still went to bed exhausted!!

In sum, the kids had a great time - our campsite was sandwiched between a creek and a playground!

It wasn't very warm, but Maklin didn't care.  He was quite content to 'bathe' by the fire for about 30 minutes!

The small amount of rain we did get came at an unfortunate time, so I have no picture of my successful camping experiment: pepperoni mushroom pizza from scratch, in a cast-iron pan.  A few tweaks in technique for next time ... but it was awesome!!

Thank-you Hermansons for the good times -- and for the introduction to honey glazed donuts roasted over a campfire!  Looking forward to camping with you again in August!

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