Friday, March 23, 2012

5 months ... already!

My Maisy-Mae ... isn't a baby anymore.

At 5mo old she:

- is continuous rolling and scooting
- is sitting on her own
- sticks out her tongue in response to you doing it (SO cute!)
- giggles, coos, laughs, and smiles constantly
- loves to play with her feet & toes (she has 'happy baby pose' nailed!)
- is completely enamoured with following every move her big brother makes (which means he goes back and forth between showing off and encouraging her, and whining "don't do that Maeyer!!!")
- continues to be a rock-star sleeper
- is by no means starving, but is very interested in food and watching us eat (won't be long now Mae-bear!)

"Check it out -- I'm balancing all by myself!"
and drools constantly (yes, there are teeth on the way!) 

At this point with Maklin, we were starting our first round of antibiotics to deal with the eye infections (from blocked tear ducts).  Mae's eyes were goopy just like Mak's for about 3 weeks, were really bad for a few days ... and then cleared up.  This was in early January, and they have been clear as a bell every since!  YAY!

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