Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our weekly brunch with Lulu & Baba turns into a morning swim and brunch at Ricky's about once a month.

Sometimes Mae & I swim ... other times she naps, and I play with my camera.

Maklin has decided that this is a wonderful ritual.  He has a blast at the pool - hence swimming lessons (sans Mama) starting soon!

At brunch, he always gets pancakes, and eats them smothered with peanut butter (with a little drizzle of syrup).  Ricky's (in Leduc anyway) has a treasure chest by the door with take-away goodies for little tykes, which is a huge hit with the Macaroni Man.  He loves that place, and has lovingly dubbed it ""the pancake house".  PLUS - while waiting for his pancakes, he always gets to walk over to the nearby pet-store with Lulu.  [Yes - Maklin naps really well on these Sundays!!]

so tuckered after swimming, he needs a snack before we go for brunch!

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