Saturday, March 10, 2012


Mae is 4 1/2 months and is very active.  In the past month or so she has started:

1) grasping toys very intentionally (and promptly guiding them to her mouth!)

2) rolling over (back-to-front and front-to-back)

3) jumping in the jump-a-roo (she's limited to MAX 30-40 minutes a day, split into usually 3 sessions ... and she maximizes every minute).

4) sleeping through the night.  She's always been a good sleeper, but over the past month or so she's built up to consistently sleeping 10+ hours.  [knock on wood]

5) taking a bottle from Dadda!!  Strangely enough, Mae was pretty willing to take a bottle from me early on, but wasn't so keen on taking one from anyone else.  This week, she's finally realized that it doesn't matter whose hands are on the bottle ... it's the same good stuff inside.  YAY!  I'm hoping this means we can keep up breastfeeding for as long as we can, but that I will also have some flexibility to do things without her sometimes (and allow her to have some quality time with her Dad or grandparents).

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