Monday, July 2, 2012

Duncan Ranch

We camped this past weekend with the Ewashkiws and Schmidts at the Duncan Ranch (where Cindy grew up).

What a great weekend!  For starters ... parenting is so much more relaxing when there are a bunch of amazing teenage girls around who (at least appear to) actually enjoy hanging out with your kids!!  Plus, these are card playing families!  :)

   * a leisurely horseback ride
   * playing cards out on the lawn
   * a fire (with other friends coming out for a visit)
   * great food
   * lots of laughs
   * Canada day hats, fireworks, and sparklers
   * an adorable puppy
   *ball toss (Justin at one point was labelled "world champion ball tosser" - but then lost the next game to Cindy.  He should have quit while he was ahead!)

While there aren't any good pictures depicting this ... Maklin spent the vast majority of the weekend playing in the crab shaped sandbox.  He has a sandbox at home (and does love it) but he was absolutely obsessed with playing in this sandbox.  He did come out occasionally for a few other adventures, but they were few and far between.

Miss Maisy decided to wake up at 4am one morning.  She was pretty loud and we didn't want Mak getting up, so Justin threw her in the chariot and headed out for a brisk early morning walk.  She conked out pretty quickly all bundled up and strolling in the fresh air.  When they got back to the trailer - Justin parked her, then, like a good papa bear, laid down on the ground under the awning so he could keep on eye on his baby girl.  Then it started to rain.  After a while he came back into the trailer to grab a few more layers and head back out; I tucked an extra blanket around him at one point - I was feeling so sorry for him out there!!  Such a dedicated Dad!!!  (I'm pretty sure I would have parked her and then crawled back into bed!)

Brilliant fireworks!

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