Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tarred and feathered

[Disclaimer:  the pictures shown in this post may be disturbing to some viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.]

The crows around our house have been ridiculous this year.  You hear them bouncing around on the roof.  They fight on our front lawn; steal food from our BBQ; sit on our fence and scream.  I did a little exploring; the town said they couldn’t do anything about them.  On the record, they didn’t have any recommendations for what we could do.  Off the record, I was ‘advised’ that a well-aimed slingshot couldn’t hurt.  We also heard that hanging a dead crow in your yard will keep the others away (at least for a time).  This, we had a good laugh over: “where are we gonna get a dead crow?? ”

Yesterday, when Justin is leaving for work, there are a bunch of crows hanging out on the fence.  As he does on occasion, he aimed at them with his bee-bee gun.  Yes – you’re not supposed to do this in town, but Justin’s bee-bee gun, even when pumped up to the max, is … tired.  You can watch the bee-bee come out of the gun, arc up, and s-l-o-w-l-y f-a-l-l.  You can imagine then how shocked Justin was when he nailed a crow and it dropped dead from the fence!

So ... what the heck??  We strung him up for a few days ...

post-note:  What do you know ... we haven't had any crows in our yard since!!  (although we almost scared off the neighbours with our voodoo magic too ...)

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