Monday, July 9, 2012

family reunion

This past weekend my Mom's family all got together.  A full reunion.  All 6 siblings and most of their families ... some travelling from as far away as Australia.  I think everyone had a good time.  Mixed feelings I'm sure as the majority of the family would claim to not like a fuss .... or get togethers ... or, well, people in general.  Even though there are a fair number of us, the weekend was pretty casual, so I think for the most part we caught up without getting into each other's hair too much.

We camped out at Kim & Jeree's for the weekend with Vince & Carrie (Jacob, Thomas, and MJ) and Mark & Heidi (Samantha & Luke).  There was always enough going on that we didn't get a lot of one-on-one visiting ... but we still had some quality catching up.

Weekend itinerary:
- Friday night pizza at the 'blue park'
- Saturday afternoon / evening we had the club room at the Elk's Hall.  Beef on a bun was brought in for supper.  There were games, drinks, a slideshow of all of us growing up, and of course a large table of standard Horne Family gathering desserts (including, of course, Angel Food cake with raspberries and/or strawberries and ice cream).
- Sunday was a day at the farm:  horseback riding; wading in the 'dam'; eating; visiting; water fights; marshmallow fights; campfire ...
- Sunday night, socializing became a bit more social.  There were many bevvies consumed (none by me), leading to a late night / early morning of campfire sing-a-long.  There are some great singers in the family; and ... some non-singers (y'all know who you are!!)  Words cannot describe.  Still ... I haven't had an evening that entertaining in quite some time!

The kids did OK.  Poor Maklin was saying, "I wanna go home now" about 3 hours into our drive TO Saskatchewan.  He was pretty overwhelmed and stressed most of the trip; just not quite himself, but he warmed up by the last few days (and thankfully is still excited about more camping!)

Mae travelled like a champ ... although with a bit of a penchant for early mornings.  This didn't always mix well with my late nights, but we managed.

Land of the living skies ...

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