Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our first trip out was quite successful for the most part!

We had our maiden voyage in our new (to us) tent trailer in the Lions' Campground here in Devon.  It took us less than 3 minutes to drive from our house to our campsite (right on the edge of the river), but once we were there we were in a whole new world.

We camped with our good friends Jill & Anita, who also recently purchased a tent trailer.  This was not only a relaxing hang out weekend, but a chance to work out the kinks and do some learnin' before we were in the middle of nowhere (with a toddler).
Notice Meow in Chariot ... he comes with us on  a lot of our adventures!

We now know:

  • how to properly run the fridge off the propane so as not to quickly kill the battery
  • our list of things we still need to buy to consider the trailer "stocked"
  • that the furnace is really nice to take the edge off, but the heated mattresses ROCK!
  • Maklin is IN for lots of camping adventures!

 Maklin slept well -- the fresh air helped with that I'm sure -- and really enjoyed just sitting and watching the birds, the river, and us slowly wake up and get moving in the morning.

He was content to sit in a camping chair and nibble at his breakfast for about an hour each morning (which was awesome for us to get up, sorted, and have breakfast).

This weekend was also Devon Days.  Saturday we walked up to town and took in the parade:

Sunday afternoon, Maklin and I wandered through the midway.  He won a l'il stuffed caterpillar by 'catching' this fish in the fish pond.  What can I say ... there weren't a lot of 'midway' activities appropriate for a 19 month old.  Maybe next year ...
What a trooper ... his cheeks look like this cuz he was teething insanely (2yr molars).

After a full weekend of camping, Justin and I loaded up and packed the tent trailer speedily and efficiently.  Maklin played with rocks.

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