Monday, May 23, 2011

May Long

Long weekends mean family time ... down time ... get stuff done time ... quality time.

1) started organizing our tent trailer.  We also had test naps on the bed, which worked eventually ... after Maklin finished playing on it like it was a trampoline.  

Spent loads of time in the backyard planting our garden, playing in the sandbox, enjoying the sunshine, rinsing in the sprinkler, and lounging ...

We even made the best of the not-so-sunshiny weather ...

Finally, we visited the Ewashkiws (friends who run an Elk Farm) to meet the newest baby Elk, Isabella.  We couldn't get close enough to get a picture of her, but we were able to feed Barney (the bull):

Right after this, Justin managed a sneak feel of the fuzzy antlers!

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