Wednesday, May 4, 2011


While each new animal name and sound was exciting ... having Maklin acquire some language that was helpful in day to day conversations has been nice.  Especially that he can communicate in small sentences now.

I use the word 'sentence' loosely ... as they tend to be a combination of sounds, words, and signs ... but he gets his point across.

  • "hey! (pointing) Dadda [insert truck noise here]"
  • "more" then signs "milk" and "please"
I wonder how many words he's saying that I just haven't figured out yet??  For example, he's been saying "Nana" - which is what we've been calling my Mom (for Grandma).  But he was saying it at what I thought was weird times.  Turns out ... he was referring to 'banana.'  OH.  That's why he was saying it at snack time.

Guess it's time for me to work on MY language comprehension ...

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