Monday, May 2, 2011

Bike Riding

Mountain biking is a favorite pass-time/meditation/activity/sport of Justin's.

I haven't owned a bike in nearly 10 years - until now.

Today Maklin and I cruised around the bike trails in Devon. Me getting re-accustomed to riding a bike and simultaneously used to having a trailer pulling along behind.  Maklin getting used to wearing a bike helmet and going much faster in the chariot than when we're walking/jogging.  He loved it!

What a great feeling to be cruising along in the spring air and sunshine and hear your little boy laughing and giggling and pointing out birds.

I'm still a ways away from barreling down mountain trails, but I'm sold on family bike tours.

Maklin also has his very own bike.  With his shoes on he can just reach the ground.  We decided to skip the tricycle route and go straight to the bicycle with a 'runner'.  So -- this summer we're going to see how far we can get with Maklin learning balance!

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  1. I loved biking with the kids in the chariot! It is the BEST way to get groceries! Yeah I AM able to post comments, I DO have the mental fortitude!