Friday, May 20, 2011


This morning we had our ultrasound with Baby K2.

Maklin kept Justin busy in the waiting room for an hour while I tried desperately not to pee myself.

All worth it to find out that we have a healthy on-target baby!  The measurements put Baby K2 the same age to the day as the estimate: 18 weeks 1 day.

(sorry ... no picture.  My scanner is not cooperating, and we didn't go to a place with a fancy 3D machine.  Close your eyes:  picture a rough outline of a baby profile, head on the left, right hand giving a little thumbs up.  Our little baby was very active during the ultrasound, so snapping photos showing facial features etc was quite the challenge.  We'll find out what he/she looks like in roughly 22 more weeks!).

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  1. Way to grow a whole other person Devo! You Rock! And you are OBVIOUSLY highly skilled in the arts of growing people due to the fact that you have the nicest, cutest, smartest little boy in the world already (besides my own of course)! Hugs & Kisses to everyone over there!