Thursday, January 26, 2012

blood all over

Mak managed to slice open his big toe on the cold air return today.  It was pretty superficial, but it bled quite a bit: "blood all over!  there's my blood all over, Mama!"   He calmed down fairly quickly once we started cleaning it, but I managed to make him freak out worse than he did when he cut himself in the process:

Because it wouldn't stop bleeding, I couldn't just put a bandaid on his toe, so I pulled out some sterile gauze to put on it.  I gave Mak the cloth to hold on his toe, and told him I was going to get the scissors.  He lost his mind!  He thought I was going to get the scissors to cut his toe!!

Poor guy ...

Here is is all bandaged up!  I'm sure he'll make a full recovery, but we did not make it to gymnastics this afternoon.  :(

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