Monday, January 30, 2012

RIP Smurf's Classy Babe

When I was growing up ... horses were a huge part of my life.  I spent many weekends each summer away at Horse Shows with my Mom and Grandma.

Babe was my last horse - I think I was in Gr. 10 when I got her.  I shared a lot of good times with her ... and also headed out for a ride to have a good cry for one reason or another more than once.  She was a good listener.

I just found out that she died yesterday.  She certainly wasn't young ... but she wasn't old either.  There's another (equally beloved) horse at home that it wouldn't be a shock if she didn't make it through the winter (in fact I think we thought that last winter too).  This came as a shock though.

Funny how I've only seen her once or twice a year for several years now, and yet I still think of her as mine and feel connected to her.  I always head out to the pasture when I'm home to give her a hug and, strange as this may be, bury my face in her neck and just smell her.  It'll be hard to not see her on the next trip home.  I shed some tears for her tonight.

Thankfully -- the last time I was home, we captured a magical moment with her:

Love you Baby-Girl.  RIP.

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