Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Justin and I made it past midnight for maybe the second time since we've been together!

It was easiest to be at home with the wee ones, so we had a few other families over for a games night.  Mak stayed up late and played for a bit, but after he went to bed, both kids slept wonderfully.  And the cards came out (it was cozy ... there were 11 of us playing cards in our teeny little dining room)!

Of course, we also had copious amounts of snack food, and popped open very glittery Christmas poppers at midnight ... glitter everywhere!!!  And then of course we all had to wear our pretty crowns.  :)

at the beginning of the night ...

Justin brought in the new year sporting one of his new bow ties:

After some gingerale!

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