Saturday, June 23, 2012

2/3rds to a birthday

Seriously ... HOW can some days go SO slow ... but the months go by so fast that all of a sudden my baby girl is 8 months old!!!

I'm so thankful to have such a happy little girl! She's adventurous (aka mischievous), strong, strong-willed (aka difficult to distract when she has her mind set on ... see above ... mischief), curious, and fun-loving.

Maisy is very physically strong.  She can sit straight up when lying on her back, easily pulls herself up on stuff (physical support unnecessary; psychologic support will do - like pulling herself up to a standing position by grabbing and holding onto the remote control).

She is starting to show some interest in food.  Some.  Sometimes.

She has 3 teeth -- two on the bottom on one on the top, and has proven to be a trooper when teething.  Yes, grumpier than usual.  But a slightly grumpy very happy baby is still not so bad!

We set up a modified and delayed vaccination schedule for Mae.  Instead of having 7-8 needles by now, she's had 2, combined with arnica and chiropractic care for maximum support of her immune system.

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