Monday, June 11, 2012

E - I - E - I - O

Camping at Old MacDonald's Farm with Lulu and Baba ... a blast!!  This may end up being an annual occurrence.  Although for future visits, I would like to request less wind/rain and more sunshine, please and thank-you!

This place has a crazy chaotic carnival atmosphere.  And old-school (read hazardous) playground equipment.  Mak loved it; I'm sure we climbed up and went down the tunnel slide literally over a hundred times over the course of the weekend.

There was a petting zoo, including a miniature pony that just wandered around (there was a pasture for the horses, but this pony just kept walking under the fence); go-carts to rent (maybe in a few years!); a merry-go-round ...  There was even a farmer's market right there!!  We bought a fresh saskatoon pie - a lovely treat on a cool and rainy camping evening - and Lulu treated the kids to special hooded towels (Mak's is John Deere themed!) for the trailer and Mae got a sweet little camping toque (thank-you Lulu!).

Camping firsts:
 - Mak got to eat cereal out of one of those little boxes you cut open and eat right from the box (pic in collage above)
 - Mae had her first bath in the trailer

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