Thursday, June 28, 2012

the containment unit

Spending so much time in the trailer this summer, we decided we needed to figure out something for Maeyer so we could camp sans playpen. The first few trips, we folded the table down as if making up the table bed, but instead of putting the cushions on, we set up a playpen on top of the table bed.  It worked well – but several times a day we were setting up and taking down …

Thankfully - we have a handy Dada!!  Mak is sleeping on the top bunk (with a bedrail Justin built for him).  And, after much discussion, Justin devised a hinged baby gate system across half of the lower bunk to essentially create a crib for Mae.  A ... prison-like crib.

Note:  the dangerous string hanging from the blinds has since been removed!!

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