Tuesday, June 26, 2012

baby 'courage'

Recently, Mae got a special gift from Great-Auntie Gail:  a baby cradle, a pram, and a little doll stroller that were hers when she was wee.  She’s been holding onto them all these years with the intention of passing them on to my girl. 

Mae’s not quite big enough for them yet … but Maklin LOVES the stroller (he calls it a baby ‘courage’).  

[said with scrunchy face] "Mae's gonna use this for dolls or something ...
but I'm gonna push around trucks."

And the pram?  A big hit with some of Maklin’s girlfriends at a recent baby shower we had.  And with the Moms.

Mak though riding in the buggy would be more fun than pushing it!
Thank-you for the sentimental gifts.  Maklin has a little barn that Baba made for Justin when he was little.  Sweet that Mae has some family pass-downs just for her too. 

And Mae – on behalf of Maklin – thank-you for sharing!!

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