Monday, June 25, 2012


Because we’re both off for the summer (teacher hubby + mat leave = summer fun) we’re trying extra hard to maximize family fun time. Yay for a summer of camping!!  Most of the time Mak is thrilled to be out exploring and checking out new stuff.  He loves outside, and he especially loves Dada time.  But during quiet times, driving times, or sleepy times, Mak often says, “I just wanna go home” or "can we go home now pyease?"  We’re working on getting him comfortable with out trailer being our 'home-on-wheels.'  We plan to have this trailer for 10yrs or so, so we’re working on personalizing it and really making it our other home.

 Anyone recognize the quotes???

Thanks to Becky Dupont for helping me get set up with Word to the Wall.

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