Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"where IS big red car?"

Big red car (known to those children who are allowed to watch TV as Lightening McQueen) disappeared for a while.  Quite attached to him, every day Maklin would ask, "Where IS big red car??"  We didn't know.

One day I mentioned to Justin that I hadn't seen big red car since we had him along with us in the truck that one day.  We had dinner at the Ewashkiws that night - so Justin asked them if, by chance, they'd seen him around their place.  The responding text said something along the lines of, "you mean ... this 'big red car'?"

Maklin had left in a place of honor in the basement with their stuffies.

Thank-you for taking good care of big red car Ewashkiws ... and for returning him safely.  Maklin was very happy to be reunited with his friend.

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